Mark Geary and The Strawhall House Band have released a new version of Mark’s song ‘Rosebud’, a song from his 2017 album The Fool. Watch the video above. The single’s b-side, ‘Mockingbird’, was written by Fiacre Gaffney and performed by The Strawhall House Band.

Via Hot Press:

The infusion of The Strawhall House Band’s Americana on the new version of ‘Rosebud’ adds a distinctive layer which compliments Mark’s already unique style.

The Dublin-born songsmith says about working with the band, “Playing with The Strawhall House Band is an incredible experience. The idea that I know before I even play a note that every choice they make is going to be appropriate for the song is astonishing. For me as a singer, that doesn’t just happen. But with these guys, it happened overnight.”

Strawhall House Band frontman Fiacre Gaffney adds, “There’s a wonderful thing that happens when you’re playing and you don’t have to think about what the other people should be doing. It’s total trust. You meet somebody for the first time and you know you’re on the same wavelength.”

Mark & The Strawhall House Band visited with Miriam O’Callaghan at RTÉ Radio 1 on the weekend to chat & play the tune Rosebud.
Listen in here on the RTÉ Player.