bunniesmorning .. i think like a lot of people over this weekend, I have consumed way way too much chocolate ..
hence the poor poor bunnies //
thank you to hurricane Irene- for the endless waiting and fear and excitement ..
kinda like a really beautiful girl who promises to come to your party, texts in advance – I promise I’ll be there —
you won’t believe it when I Show up!! boy oh boy are you in for it .. ha aha haahh..
and then never shows .
and underneath the hurt — your actually relieved, she was pretty – but shallow ..

as we hurtle toward sept . fuck.. really ..- ??

got about 6 more songs this week to mix .. then master – at sterling sound ..and i’m gone ..

I love ya ..

be good to each other . wanna sing these songs for you ..

— for tour dates, miss jenn.. is taking care of everything .. – we want all your
photo’s from the tour – and the video ‘s etc.. the really good ones.. the ones that are at least facing the stage!!!
ha ah
they will all be considered for the site.. kinda community board thing.. we’ll post from the road .. I’m gonna
learn how to do this kinda video blogging .. from europe ..
it’ll be wonderful to see you all ..

love love