IMG_9988blog.. blog ..
hello my friends..
just a moment .. before bed.. before food and soundcheck and the show tnight in olomouc.
i write this stuff for me as well . as you ..
perhaps . to remember . why i do this work..
i have been to the drug store..
some strange thing has happened to me .. my back is crying .. and i can hardly walk..
i’ll do this and i will try sleep ..
i’m having intense dreams .. all in ‘czech ‘!!! ha aah.. the feeeling of wanting to be understood ..
of wanting to reach out ..
three shows in two night .. tonight two shows ..a show and an after show ..
you have to dig deep here in czech .. they are smart and intense and complacated . -this weekend for easter monday= a tradition in czech that the boys get thin sticks and call on all the girls for a shot of some drink and if they do not — perhaps a little lash or two// think trick or treat for adults..
i’m not making this up.. by 4pm .. they are all shit faced..