glen_vienna_shel_lyDublin 9.23am

Time and places, sitting with my coffee.
All the thoughts and places, faces, conversations. In a whirl from the travel.
Thank you to the people. For coming out to see us, all those moments
Hartburg – Vienna – gratz

Without the kindness. I’d be lost.
I’m for ever grateful
For my friends. For the people. Who got involved and took the time to sing and chat.

All love


Videos & Photos (down below!) from the weekend. Hartberg, Vienna, Graz, including Glen’s show with The Frames in Vienna Sunday night. Thanks to Martin Pusch for the photos & Claus for the video from The Laden in Vienna & to Fleur Neale for the Glen gig. More videos & photos to come!


with Jana “That’s What They All Say” at Laden in Vienna

with Glen “It Beats Me” at Laden in Vienna

with Lisa Hannigan “Away” at Laden in Vienna

with Glen/The Frames at Arena Wien in Vienna “It Beats Me”

with Glen/The Frames & Lisa Hannigan at Arena Wien in Vienna

Another version of “It Beats Me” with a lovely intro from Glen

“Adam & Eve” in Graz