Not even sure if I can finish this blog.

There’s much 🙂
I remember trying to study as a child. As I could hear the cheers of my brothers, watching football or tennis.
Now here we are again
I can’t concentrate
Thank u to everyone for texting in, calling radio stations
And coming to the shows.
Get Here has been friendly with the rte playlist still
And there is the bunny video with the new single ahead
Help from folks in other countries
Is always welcome, calling radio or talking about the record and gigs
Much appreciated

In the sun

In the sun
Like my youth.
The rays burned away my tears and my expectations
Chastised and humbled by its heat and joy.
As in all things.
That bring me light.
Stops the flow of detritus bouncing back upon my shores.
Somewhere out there
There is a longing. Match by my own longing. And woven in the dreams that stretch across my skin

blogs and togs.

‘morning folks,
Thought I’d check in as the coffee. Swirls.

Heading to Ireland. For more shows. Over the course of June and July.
Cork, limerick, Dublin, Galway.
For now. All details on the site and Facebook. Each week the twitter and in stagram. Will be in operation !!;)

The new record ‘songs about..
Will be released 8th of June.

from the czech republic

blog.. blog .. hello my friends.. just a moment .. before bed.. before food and soundcheck and the show tnight in olomouc. i write this stuff for me as well . as you .. perhaps . to remember . why i do this work.. i have been to the drug store.. some strange thing has...

Morning folks.

Morning folks.

Haven’t blogged and said hello in awhile.
Really there’s a fine line between information and being an annoying shithead. :-))

I’ll always try lean to the info.

Had lots of emails about the record release in Ireland.

Vital Signs

A little something for your Sunday, a song from Mark at home. Vital Signs from the new record.