two + songs down ..

nearly the end of friday and — roasted chicken, heavenly ice cream.. but tomorrow i’m gonna celebrate.. ha ha

so –
show in new york .. in sept — – and then another after that..
berlin, barca, vienna prague

kinda feel a blog coming on ..!!

which sounds weird and frankly rude.
forgive the silliness
today .. monday never wants to be taken that seriously ..

today — mix day 1..

one song done.. gonna try get three out tonight .. — the lads say two.. fuck that ..

Blog. For Monday.

Relevant only for the next hour perhaps.
But to illy coffee today.
All the stumptown and counter culture gone. Drained drained

” go ahead punk, make my day”.

Walking. Today. In Brooklyn.
Saw this. Poster. On the lamp post.
If there is hope in the world, if there is soul, if there is humanity.
Its because, some crazy bastard. Went out of their way to litter the streets with

IN black and white..

ran into a few local irish pals today — just randomly as i was heading to the park and the laundry ..Got me thinking …as I headed off
trader joe’s .. – stumptown coffee .. all what i’ve come to expect in my passing days of living in new york, .. trains to the city — f-train back to carroll park.. etc..