found last night on the street. having had a meeting about music for a doc. about the greats of new york city.. can i just have the job now ..!!

evening folks. on this side and over ..

kinda a community service type . day today .. which is okay by me.

this is a link to my friend brendan canty ..
it’s a comp. to get the winner to dj at the electric picnic
talented talented guy ..
check it out ..

also the web-site..
is now ¬†–!! yay
no expense spared ..:-0
it’s the truth..

for those of you following this – sons of perdition .- mormon movie thing i did ..
check this out ..
this is their leader .. warran jeffs.

also — in todays news!!
my friend ruan .. is looking for a 50’ish year old actor — to shoot — and murder..!! literally

and my friend
margaret. is looking for a month sublet in dublin .. this fall..!! i know i know – i said fall..
any web site etc.. i can pass along . etc.. greatly helped..

tomorrow will be the usual cat stuck in a tree story ..
till then — i love you ..