Mark recently did a Q&A with a German-Italian culture magazine in Saarland called ViviSaar. Read in Italian at the blog here!

Irish people arrived to NY already in the last history? How did you feel when you moved to NY?
Yes it’s true. Irish people have left Ireland for the US. And especially New York for hundreds of years. My brother was living in NYC. And had a little coffee shop where you could work and play music. Jeff Buckley started playing there every Monday night. Sinead O’Connor was living in the apartment and working in the cafe. I was desperate to get away and travel. Wanted to try music. And see if I could perhaps play in the cafe, there was no real plan for me. I just had dreams of being in New York.



What brought you to move to NY?

As I’ve said. I had no job etc, an office thing wasn’t gonna work for me’ either. I had very few options ha ha. So I got a plane on a one way ticket.

Your music has the Irish touch with the NY touch. How do you describe your music?
I think that’s a good way to describe it. Yes all the melodies and perhaps the sadness and the melancholy is Irish, but I had to learn in New York how to convey this feeling. So perhaps the New York streets gave me that.

Is there any of your songs which maintains a special place in your heart? Why?
There are a few of my songs, one is Volunteer. Written for the fire fighters after Sept 11th. There’s, I think, some really lovely lines in
there, also a star wars mention…

Some of your songs have been aired in One Tree Hill and Bones. How is it to listen to the own music while watching these movies?
I use to watch all these shows when my songs were in them. It excited me at first. I do movie soundtracks too. I don’t listen so much now. I just get busy trying to write new ones.

Is there any movie or TV series for which you would like to write a special song?
I guess Grey’s Anatomy. Because it’s so popular. At some point you want your songs to reach as many people as they can.

Your secret wish? Is there one big desire?
More travel. More gigs. To remain. Hopeful and happy.

(photo by Zoran Orlic)