songscover350‘morning folks,
Thought I’d check in as the coffee. Swirls.

Heading to Ireland. For more shows. Over the course of June and July.
Cork, limerick, Dublin, Galway.
For now. All details on the site and Facebook. Each week the twitter and in stagram. Will be in operation !!;)

The new record ‘songs about..
Will be released 8th of June.

In the usual places. For the good people.

Watch out for little posters around the country. The teams are out. With glue and sticky tape.

Radio shows. Are coming to if your listening.

We’ll be on most if not all the regional and national stations by June.
Damn it. We will.

Wanted to say hello
To the good people of leap, co. Cork. And the spirit store in Dundalk.
Great people, doing great work. Even in hard times. We all need each other. So thank you.

To the uk- Glasgow – Liverpool. And Preston. For songs. And curry in a hurry. !!
From the 18th of July.

Then to the Czech republic for festival time.

Finally getting to spend time in Berlin. For the middle of aug. four shows – four days.

And. Then some more.

That’s it for now.
Thank you to the workers the st. Team and management. For the help.

Send word if you need music or gig info.
That’s how to beat recession,
Be brave and get rewarded.
All love

(photo by richie tyndall. thx!)