Sitting listening to rough mixes of my new record. Always I find myself here, in a cloud of excitement and dread, quietly spinning from humming along and remembering each hour upon hour, digging digging to get to the core. Each song, each loved song, has a magic – you only attempt to find this magic somehow, they’re  hard to find. They’re hidden under hours and hours of searching in the dark. Followed by a line, a turn of phrase, a way of singing you didn’t know existed until you stumble into the moment. If that feels very mysterious and absurd and vague beyond all measure – welcome to the world of ‘ song mining.’

Got these songs now and we’re polishing them up for their outing.
All I can achieve with them now is that they touch or delight, anger, intrigue.

The rest is for you to decide.

Go. Let Go

Marky xxxx