Welcome to the world of ‘song mining’

Sitting listening to rough mixes of my new record. Always I find myself here, in a cloud of excitement and dread, quietly spinning from humming along and remembering each hour upon hour, digging digging to get to the core. Each song, each loved song, has a magic...

‘ morning everyone.

Hope you have survived successfully the scorching/soggy summer
I have been granted permission to leave the batcave next month, from studio and pen To Switzerland in sept and the UK in Oct for some shows, I’m gonna bring some new songs I’m writing and recording exciting and scary.
It’s all part of the deal I think
We will also have new printed copies of all the back catalogue .
At shows and from the shop, yes I’m now a shop owner xx
I’m sending love and light, be good to yourself .
A special thought for some of the great we have lost this month too .

Be brave
Marky. Sept 2014

Between sunshine and autumn & more gigs

Hello everyone . Here we area, back from sold out shows in Germany .. And soon to Swiss for more .. Ireland in sunshine we hope next week. And to Austria .. Then Ireland and uk .. Yes if we were darts thrown onto a dartboard . It would be easier travel.. But the...

Nick Drake’s ‘Cello Song’

Nick. Is a huge influence
On my writing and singing.
It’s his way of phrasing
And the close vocal
That I love.

off and gone

Wanted to thank the folks who have posted coffee to Ireland, can’t believe your kindness, in my hour of need. I’m too dramatic I know but it was so so kind of you. My mum is moving out of her house to make room, ‘we all have to make...