New Album

For those of you, who sing to yourselves,
who encourage light to come even in darkest dark,
who still believe in dragons,
still listen to the talking bears within the walls of that castle.

Those of us, who are lost or running,
who seek counsel with wise old maidens
and laugh with sharp tongued little boys.
I have done these things, and they have healed me.

And they can you, my child.
Be a seeker.

songs about love, songs about leaving will be released in Ireland on 8 June! Click here to have a listen to the new single ‘Get Here’ due out May 4th. Released in the US earlier this year, the album is available on digital release at Bandcamp or iTunes and in CD format at sonaBLAST! Records.

Release date:
November 1, 2011 – SonaBLAST! Records
Ireland – June 8, 2012

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Mastered by Jessica Thompson @ The Magic Shop NYC.
Produced by Jimi Zhivago
Arrangements by Jimi Zhivago & Mark Geary
Recorded and Mixed by Ed McEntee @ The Maids Room, NYC, 2011

Mark Geary- Guitars, Vocals
Tony Leone- Drums & Percussion
Glen Hansard- Backing vocals
Jenna Nicholls- Backing vocals
Jimi Zhivago- Bass, Key, Guitars
Patrick Glennon- Handclaps

Thanks to Jack McKeever

Album designed by Karl John Firth
Photograph of Mark- Sioux Nesi

Track Listing:
that’s what they…
get here
vital signs
cali solo
fallin in fire
take me home

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