Welcome to the world of ‘song mining’

Sitting listening to rough mixes of my new record. Always I find myself here, in a cloud of excitement and dread, quietly spinning from humming along and remembering each hour upon hour, digging digging to get to the core. Each song, each loved song, has a magic...

kinda feel a blog coming on ..!!

which sounds weird and frankly rude.
forgive the silliness
today .. monday never wants to be taken that seriously ..

today — mix day 1..

one song done.. gonna try get three out tonight .. — the lads say two.. fuck that ..

New live audio

On 17 June, 2011, Mark joined Glen Hansard in Dennis, MA on Cape Cod for an intimate show at Cape Cinema theatre, a lovely historic landmark in New England. We have 4 of 5 songs from Mark’s set including a new one, Take Me Home, from his upcoming album, songs about love, songs about leaving. Those are followed by 4 he and Glen performed together in the middle of Glen’s set. Go there…